Messias Temple Church was established in 1938 by a handful of believers who felt led of God to build a church in the small community of Ypsilanti, MI. In the beginning months, street meetings were held proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ and services were conducted at a rented hall and homes of supporters.

In 1942 the founding members were able to accumulate enough money to purchase some property. They eventually constructed the church at 565 Monroe Street. The building was dedicated on June 3, 1946 by the late Bishop Samuel Hancock.

The late Elder John Elders was the 1st pastor of Messias Temple Church. After his death, his wife Sis. Laura Elders-Bass became pastor of the church until her retirement in 1974. Elder Jessie Ross was then elected pastor and served until his death in June of 1991. District Elder Harry S. Grayson is the 4th person called of God to shepherd this prosperous assembly.

Over the years, Messias Temple Church has established itself as a progressive, family-friendly,
house of worship & praise where all are welcome. In fact, the church has grown so much that
a new expansion project is being planned to accommodate the ever growing Messias Temple
Church family.